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How to Take Backup of Your Blog in WPX Hosting?

    Website management these days is easier than ever. But, you can never be too safe when it comes to backing up data. There are some things that can hinder the security of it. It could get hacked, an update could break your website, or a simple mistake could delete them.

    Fortunately, there is a solution to all of this. And that is backing up your website through a host.

    What is Hosting Backup?

    In simple words, it means using a host to back up your data on the web. The classic way to go is to have three copies of your data (They should be in different locations). One copy should be on the drive installed in your computer. This is also quick to access and your primary database.

    The second copy should be on an external drive, one that you can carry around with you and one that can replace your original file as it is if at all your primary data does get corrupted.

    The third and the safest way to back up your data are by saving on a cloud-based storage system. This is the most reliable way of backing up data, and this is where a host comes into play.

    How this works is that you upload all your files on a cloud-based website like Google Drive. This is then directly saved on Google’s database, and not on a physical drive, which is easily corruptible. However, regular backups are mandatory, and these have to be done manually. Let us see how we can update these.

    How to Back Up Your WordPress Site[2 Methods]

    Below we provide guide to your wordpress blog using two methods,

    • Backup using WPX Hosting Backup Manager
    • Using Third Party WordPress BackUp Plugins

    Let’s dive into the methods,

    How to Take Backup using WPX Hosting Backup Manager?

    In this guide we update about brand-new backup feature from wpx hosting for their users. Using this WPXHosting Backup Manager  you can take backup and restore within few clicks. You dont need to Install any third-part backup wordpress plugin, wpx provided this feature inside Hosting Panel conveniently located and easy to access.

    Below you will find step by step guide for taking backup using WPX Hosting Backup Manager,

    1. Login in to your WPXHosting account and In Dashboard you should click on Wordpress Hosting.

    2. Now you will see all your purchased hosting plans, now select the appropriate package

    3. In the Dashboard menu, select BACKUPS as shown in below image and In the drop-down choose which domain you want to take backup.

    4. Now You will see all the 2 types of Backups: User Backups and System Backups.

    USER BACKUPS [Manual]

    These are manual backup requests from user side, If you have not created a backup yourself you can follow below steps to take user backups for your website.

    Under User Backup, click on “CREATE NEW” Button and Within Few seconds backup of your website (both the files and database of your website) will completed.

    After taking manual user backup, You can Delete or Restore using appropriate buttons.


    1. Manually saved Backups will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.
    2. You can take only one manual backup at any given time.
    3. If your Try creating another Manual Backup, your new backup will overwrite the previous one you have made.

    SYSTEM BACKUPS [Automatic]

    System Backups are the automatic backups service by WPXhosting, Backups were processed every day and are kept for 28 days. If you want to restore you can do it by choosing a specific backup date.


    1. Backups are automatically deleted after 28 days.

    How to Take Backup Using Third Party WordPress Plugins?

    We Recommend UPDRAFT PLUS Backup Plugin,

    You can back up your data via WordPress plugin. It is efficient and straightforward, and only requires a plugin called UpdraftPlus. To set it up, you need to activate the plugin, and then a new tab will appear under the settings icon. There are many options, but the main ones to look out for are back up now, Restore and Clone/Migrate.

    These options are pretty straightforward. Clicking on back up opens up a screen which will guide you through the process of storing the data in the desired location.

    Backing up on Google drive is even more comfortable. All you need to do is create a folder, copy your data in it and keep on replacing it as you make changes in it. There are also dedicated, file hosting websites that expedite the process for you with little to no effort involved.

    Most of these are server-based, and websites like FileZilla and FTP based sites also allow you to edit your files online. Configuring them might be a little tricky, depending on your level of expertise so you might want to bring a friend along who is good at managing servers.

    Why website hosting backup is essential?

    The internet is both, a very safe place and a very unsafe place at the same time. We continuously hear about hackers who attack corporations and steal information from their website. We also hear about how simple bugs and updates can bring down entire web pages.

    These are threats anyone could face. Security against them is practically a necessity now. And, backing your files up on physical drives is just not enough anymore. They can be lost or damaged very easily. When you back up your data online through this server, you guarantee a degree of safety which isn’t promised in the stores.

    You have the lock and key to your files, and it provides ultimate peace of mind. And the best thing about this is that you can access your data on any device that has an internet connection. And you do not have to carry multiple physical drives.


    Backups that use secure and robust hosting servers are the ultimate source of security on the internet. Many multi-national corporations like Facebook and Google use these servers to store their files and are pretty content in doing so because there is no better option out there.

    The only question here is that you need to choose the correct type of server; one that suits your needs the best. A bit of research should do the trick for you. But, no matter which one you choose, your files will be protected by the most advanced security on the internet.

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