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WPX WordPress Hosting: What makes it a high-end WordPress hosting?

    Every website owner craves for fast website hosting service. Regardless of the nature of your website, a fast hosting service helps you to ensure the best experience for your customers. Thereby, helping you to provide the best experience to your customers.

    When it comes to providing great customer experience, it is always better to go for Managed WordPress hosting. With WordPress hosting, it becomes easy for you to ensure speed as well as maximum server uptime for your website.

    Having said so, you need to remember that it is not easy to choose a WordPress web host in the market today. But let us make this job easy for you. All you need to do is to opt for WPX hosting.

    WPX is one of those hosting companies that were created with the intention of providing unparalleled service to the customers.

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    Still having doubts about WPX? Well, look at the comparison of WPX hosting with some other Top WordPress hosting services to clear your doubts.

    1. WPX vs Fastcomet

    Fastcomet has become a well-known name in the WordPress web hosting industry. This web host also offers extraordinary service to their customers. Still, it fails to match the efficiency of WPX hosting. Why is it so? Let’s find out.

    Get your money back within 30 days

    Of course, this is an extraordinary feature that WPX hosting offers unlike Fastcomet. Obviously, you will need to have your money back if you are not satisfied with the services that a hosting provider offers.

    Don’t worry WPX has got you completely covered in this aspect. If you are not satisfied with the service, WPX hosting will provide you with the complete money back without any hassle within a span of 30 days.

    Free Site migrations

    This is one of the finest features that WPX hosting provides you with, You may need to migrate your website from one host to another hosting service due to various reasons. However, it becomes too problematic for anyone to pay an extra charge for migrating their website.

    Well, that is not something that will come as an obstacle while using WPX hosting. With WPX, you will be able to have your website migrated without paying any charge. But with Fastcomet, you will not be able to get any such benefit.

    Ability to host 5 websites

    This is a special feature that creates the difference between Fastcomet and WPX. While Fastcomet offers you the opportunity to host only one website in their base package, you will be able to host at least 5 websites with WPX hosting basic package. So, you will never have to look for getting hosting service separately if you try to open another website.

    2. WPX vs Siteground hosting

    Siteground has become one of the most popular names in the hosting industry today for the extraordinary service that it offers. However, it still fails to match the level of efficiency that WPX hosting offers. Still wondering why? Scroll down to find out.

    Efficient storage

    If you go through the websites of both Siteground and WPX hosting, you will see both of these web hosts claim to offer 10 GB SSD storage with their base package. However, on investigating properly, we found out that the claim that Siteground is making is not entirely.

    Though they claim to offer 10 GB storage space, you do not get the 10 GB amount entirely. Further, WPX stands firm on its claim by providing true 10 GB SSD storage space.

    Offers Advanced PHP integration

    Of course, this is one of the best things that WPX offers but Siteground does not. With WPX, you will get highly advanced PHP integrated hosting packages which will help you to further enrich the experience of your web audience.

    Unlimited free SSL

    Obviously, this is something that will surely make you turn your head towards WPX hosting. As time passes by, the importance of proper cyber security also increases rapidly.

    And there is nothing more effective than the SSL certificates to keep your website safe from malware attacks. WPX offers you with unlimited SSL certificates that are completely free to install.

    Thus, you will never have to worry about your web security again. But you will not be able to avail any such benefit from Siteground.

    3. WPX Vs WP Engine

    WP Engine is placed amongst the best WordPress hosting providers in the market today. It offers a variety of features and benefits which makes it a really great choice. Still, it pales in comparison to the advantages that WPX hosting offers.

    Fast migration of your website

    Most of the WordPress website hosting providers not only charge a great deal of money for migrating a website to the servers of another web host but they also take a long time to do that.

    While WP Engine does not charge you a single dime to migrate your website, it surely takes a long span of time to perform the task.

    Well, you can completely get rid of the problem by opting for WPX WordPress hosting since it completes the task within an instant.

    Removing malware quickly

    Malware can cause a lot of trouble for your website. It can completely disrupt your traffic flow and slow down your web pages. Well, you will never have to worry about anything while using WPX hosting.

    WPX hosting instantly detects the malware and removes it quickly to help you provide a great experience to your online audience.

    Suitability with e-commerce websites

    If you own an e-commerce website, you understand how important it is to provide maximum customer satisfaction to your buyers. Worry not, you can achieve it with the help of WPX hosting.

    Being fully compatible with e-commerce websites, it does not only offer you with maximum uptime as well as low loading time but it also works well with e-commerce plugins like Woocommerce to make sure you keep delivering the best service.

    4. WPX vs Flywheel

    The Flywheel is another WordPress hosting company that has gained fame these days. It also offers several features. But when compared to WPX hosting, it fails to leave any mark. Why is it so? Let’s have a look.

    Offers daily free backups

    If you are a website owner, you may already know how important it is to keep a backup of your valuable data. Keeping backups help you to have your data secure and prevent you from being harassed by unwanted data loss.

    Unlike Flywheel, WPX offers you daily data backup for free thus allowing you to focus on the development of your website without worrying about data loss.

    Extraordinary customer support

    WPX hosting provides you with extraordinary customer support 24/7 throughout the 365 days of a year. The skilled technical team of WPX does not keep waiting their clients and they instantly provide all the help to solve all your problems. But the customer support of Flywheel is not as fast as WPX as they keep their customers waiting.

    Great virus filtering module

    Of course, this is one of the best features that WPX offers which Flywheel does not. The WPX WordPress hosting service comes with highly advanced virus filtering module.

    It helps you to keep your website safe from any unwanted attacks from the viruses. In other words, WPX makes it easy for you to ensure maximum security for your website.

    Plus, WPX also offers unlimited SSL certificates which are completely free to install thereby boosting the security to maximum levels.

    5. WPX hosting vs Cloudways

    Cloudways is a popular cloud hosting company that offers efficient service. However, it offers limited features and there are several restrictions too in its offerings which makes it less efficient when compared to WPX hosting.

    No need for prior technical knowledge

    This is the very first thing that creates the difference between WPX hosting and Cloudways. If you are thinking of hosting your website on the servers of Cloudways, then you must understand that you need to have proper technical expertise as well as knowledge of coding to set up your website in Cloudways.

    But there are no chances of any such happenings when you are using the WPX hosting. It is very easy to establish your website with WPX.

    Plus, it also comes with a large database with detailed documentation of the problems that you may face while setting up your website along with a complete solution to such problems. As a result, you will not have any trouble using it.

    Allows you to host multiple websites

    While Cloudways allows you to host only a single website in its basic package, WPX does not offer any such restriction. As a matter of fact, WPX hosting allows you to host multiple websites with the help of this hosting service.

    One click installation of WordPress

    Being a top tier WordPress hosting company, WPX hosting allows you to install WordPress in your server to create your website instantly with just a click.

    However, you will need to complete a lot of coding and other technical stuff to establish your website. Thus, you will not have to struggle on getting your website ready instantly with the help of WPX hosting.

    6. WPX hosting vs Kinsta

    Kinsta offers an extraordinary hosting solution to help you ensure maximum efficiency for your website. However, there are a few reasons which make it less efficient compared to WPX.

    Highly priced packages

    This has to be one of the main reasons behind the success of WPX hosting over Kinsta. All the hosting packages that Kinsta offers are obviously much overpriced when compared to WPX hosting.

    However, WPX offers you the best packages at most affordable rates that help you to attract a new online audience and reduce the bounce rates.

    Continuous checking for malware

    Obviously, this is a great feature when it comes to showing how efficient your WPX website is becoming when compared to Kinsta. WPX hosting comes with a continuous malware checking system that instantly detects a malware and removes it quickly.

    However, Kinsta also comes with its very own malware monitoring system. Having said so, you need to remember that the malware detection feature which WPX offers makes it easy for you to detect the malware instantly.

    Plus, it is easy to use. But that is not something which you will be able to get while using the Kinsta hosting service.

    Daily free backup

    WPX also provides you with a complete backup of your essential data on a daily basis for completely free. Data backup has become a great headache for a website owner these days.

    If you do not back-up your data then you may end up losing it. Well, by using WPX, you will not have to stay concerned about data backup any more.

    7. WPX vs A2 Hosting

    A2 hosting has surely secured a good place in the hosting industry for their quality services. Even though they do not compare to WPX hosting in terms of efficiency since WPX offers much higher uptime percentage and is much more reliable.

    Maximum uptime

    This is one of the key differences between WPX and A2 hosting. WPX is known for providing industry best uptime percentage. So, if you are using WPX WordPress hosting to host your website, then there will be minimal chances of server crashes and downtime’s at all.

    However, that is not the case for A2 hosting. Most of the A2 hosting users complain about frequent server crashes and the downtime that it causes. So, you can easily understand why it is better to opt for WPX hosting.

    Instant Site Migration

    While the migration process is free for both web hosting companies, A2 takes much more time to migrate your site to the servers of any other web host. But this is not the case of WPX. WPX migrates your site instantly thereby relieving you from a lot of troubles.

    Risk-free money back policy

    Though both web hosts offer 30 days money back policy, there are some hidden tricks to the money back policy of A2 hosting. As a matter of fact, A2 hosting does not completely revert the money back completely and there are some risks associated with the process.

    However, that is not the case for WPX hosting. With WPX, you will be able to get the entire money back if you do not like their services within a span of 30 days.

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    Well, that marks the end of our comparison between WPX and other top hosting services. Go through our comparison thoroughly, understand what makes WPX a far better choice and have fun using the best WordPress hosting service.

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