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Free WPX Cloud CDN By WPX Hosting

    WPX Cloud CDN BY WPX Hosting – Every website requires a hosting. Hosting is one of the most important services that a website owner needs to start your website.

    However, having a hosting package is not everything that your website needs. You also need to have a content delivery network or CDN.

    A CDN acts as a small-sized server that helps to open your website faster and reduces the loading time for visitors across the world. Thus, it helps you to keep your visitors engaged and reduces the bounce rate.

    While there are several CDN services available in the market today, nothing beats the efficiency that WPX cloud offers.

    WPX Cloud CDN & Why Your Website Needs It

    Created by WPX hosting, one of the fastest web hosts, the WPX cloud has been built from the scratch to enhance your website’s performance further.

    Introducing The WPX Cloud & Why Your Website Needs It

    Furthermore, the dedicated team of experts of the company constantly updates this cloud powered CDN to ensure maximum efficiency.

    The efficiency that WPX cloud offers is something that most of the CDN services fail to match. Irrespective of how heavy your website is, if you are using the WPX cloud, you will never have to worry about the speed of your website.

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    Features of WPX Cloud CDN

    There is no end to the features that WPX cloud CDN offers, That is why we have enlisted the most important ones down below for you to check out.

    Enhances your website speed manifolds

    This is one of the first features that WPX cloud offers. Every CDN promises to boost your website speed. The CDN performs by copying the content of your website to servers across the world.

    Thus, it reduces the time taken to retrieve data from remote servers which in turn increases the website speed greatly.

    The WPX cloud though works in a similar fashion but it has been created using the cutting edge technology. It has been custom built to provide high performance for your website.

    Furthermore, the team of experts of WPX constantly tweaks and changes the WPX cloud to maximize the speed of your website.

    WPX Cloud Completely free for WPX customers

    Though it may sound completely unbelievable, it is absolutely true. Unlike other expensive content delivery networks such as Cloudflare or MaxCDN, you will be able to step up the performance of your website without having to buy it if you are using the WPX hosting.

    Irrespective of the WPX hosting packages you have, you will be able to get the advantage of the WPX cloud for free.

    Helps you to increase your website traffic

    Well, we cannot overlook this fact about the WPX cloud. It really helps you to increase your website traffic. How do you ask?

    The amount of traffic that your website witnesses and the bounce rate of your website depends completely on the loading time. If your website takes a long time to load it automatically rubs your visitors the wrong way.

    This is a problem that is more prevalent amongst the image-heavy blogs or websites. The WPX cloud can help you to get a solution to this problem.

    Irrespective of the location of the users of your website users, it makes sure that they get their hands on your website content at a lightning fast speed using wpx cloud CDN.

    As a result, you will be able to completely eliminate the waiting time for your website visitors which in turn will help you to increase your website traffic and engagement.

    Maximum security

    Cyber security has become one of the most pressing concerns for the people today since the rapid increase in the malware threats.

    But when you are using the WPX cloud, you will be able to ensure maximum protection for your website. The WPX cloud makes use of high-quality military grade encryption which protects your website data from all kinds of external threats.

    Plus, the advanced technology that has been used to develop the WPX cloud also ensures utmost protection of DDoS. Thus, you will be able to further ensure the protection of your website from DDoS attacks.

    Completely easy to install

    While most of the content delivery networks require a proper knowledge of coding and technicalities, you will never have to worry about something like that when you are using the WPX cloud.

    This content delivery network by the team of experts from WPX hosting has been designed in such a way that it eliminates the need for any superior knowledge of technicalities. All it takes is just a click to install the WPX cloud for your website.

    Yes, it is that easy to use. Plus, you will never have to worry about managing the CDN since it is very easy and has been specifically designed for the beginner website users. Read How to Take Backup on WPX Hosting easily.

    Optimized for 25 global locations

    What makes the WPX cloud CDN one of the best content delivery network in the world is that it is available for 25 different global locations.

    Of course, if you are looking forward to using this cloud CDN then you will be able to provide best services to the location that is not only nearer to you but also to the visitors across the globe.

    Current WPX CDN end points (website content loads from the closest point in our CDN to each individual visitor):

    1. New Jersey, USA
    2. Chicago, USA
    3. Dallas, USA
    4. Seattle, USA
    5. Los Angeles, USA
    6. Atlanta, USA
    7. Kansas City, USA
    8. Silicon Valley, USA
    9. Miami, USA
    10. Toronto, Canada
    11. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    12. London, UK
    13. Manchester, UK
    14. Frankfurt, Germany
    15. Moscow, Russia
    16. Sydney, Australia
    17. Auckland, New Zealand
    18. Paris, France
    19. Tokyo, Japan
    20. Singapore
    21. Hong Kong, China
    22. Pune, India
    23. Johannesburg, South Africa
    24. Sofia, Bulgaria
    25. Sao Paulo, Brazil

    But why is this important?

    We have already informed that the cloud CDN acts as a mini server. Thus, no matter where the data centre is located it retrieves the data at a lightning fast speed for them.

    WPX cloud further enhances this feature by offering service at more than twenty different locations across the world.

    Thus, if you are using the WPX cloud content delivery system then you will be able to make your website available to users across the globe without having to worry about prolonged loading time.

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    How do I activate the WPX Cloud CDN on my websites?

    1: WPX WordPress Hosting Dashboard → Service Management → Manage All Sites In This Account.

    2: Now you will find WPX Cloud settings on the bottom left menu.

    3: Now you will see the options for enabling/disabling WPX Cloud CDN for all the blogs managed under WPX Hosting

    4: You can toggle switches to Enable or Disable Content Delivery Feature for required blog.

    IMPORTANT: after activating your Cloud, it will take approximately 1 hour for your website’s contents to be copied and distributed throughout the WPX Cloud network.

    Results after Using WPX Cloud CDN



    Well, that is all your needs to know about the WPX Cloud content delivery network. With the increasing competition and the requirements of the search engines, the speed of the website has become a highly important factor.

    And content delivery networks help to increase your speed greatly.  While there are several CDNs available in the market, nothing beats the efficiency and speed that the WPX cloud offers.

    So, choose WPX cloud and make sure that your website remains in top shape.

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