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WPX Hosting vs Siteground Hosting [Web Hosting Comparison]

    WPX Hosting vs SiteGround web hosting Comparison Which is Best WordPress Hosting? When you are running an online business, among various other factors, it is crucial to have a hosting service upon which you can trust.

    Hosts are the one who ultimately makes or break your website. Now, how to find the perfect host for your website?

    WPX Hosting vs SiteGround Web Hosts Comparison

    With numerous host service providers, offering various benefits, one might find it a little confusing to choose a host that serves them best. WPX Hosting vs SiteGround are two such hosting services that are currently ruling the market.

    WPX Hosting vs SiteGround Comparison

    WPX Hosting – Introduction

    WPX hosting is considered to be one of the largest growing host sites across the globe. Since its invention it already has more than 20 data points across borders. In a test conducted on all the leading host services, WPX stood 1st on the trust scale, compared to Bluehost being 158th and Go daddy at 143rd.

    Features of WPX Hosting

    1. WPX Cloud World’s Fastest WP CDN

    An extraordinary feature that eliminates the requirement of third-party server, WP CDN cloud storage is a unique and useful feature.

    The feature acts a small cloud-based server for your website and regulates faster smoother functioning by taking a backup of the most visited pages on your website, thus decreasing the load time.

    Moreover, the WPX Cloud Free CDN service is free of cost with every plan of WPX. Take your business global with WPX.

    1. Security

    It is paramount to have a 360-degree security when your bread and butter is your website. The World Wide Web (WWW) is susceptible to threats and attacks.

    Your website if not secure can fall lead to colossal loss of data, malware and a lot of times hacks. WPX provides a security system like no other.

    It delivers free SSL certification and malware protection for your website. These features come in very handy when it comes to developing trust among your customers.

    1. Free Migration

    Do you like WPX? Well, you don’t have to pay them any extra to migrate from your existing host to WPX. The migration is free of cost and fairly easy to do. You just have to help them with the necessary data and within less than 24 hours your migration will be done.

    1. Customer Service

    WPX offers a 24*7 365 days support service. Their executives are on their toes ready for any query all time. A service like this always comes in handy cause “online” is never “offline” and so should not be your hosting service.

    Although, on their website, they have a set of predetermined questions for instant resolve, if your query is not among them they are always available over a call or message.

    1. Unlimited Free SSL Certificates in One Click

    Having an SSL certificate makes your website less vulnerable to attacks. Along with WPXHosting AI, it also provides free SSL certification with every plan they offer. This removes your burden of visiting other third-party certification providers.

    WPXHost proves to be very helpful for growing websites. Even if you are at a premature level, also helps your growth by pushing it in every possible manner. Check How To Install Free SSL Certificates on WPX Hosting

    WPX Hosting Plans

    WPX Managed WordPress Host offers 3 separate variety of programs.

    1. Business Plan: Monthly charge of $20.83/m for a yearly plan with 5 website hosting, 10 GB of storage and 100 GB bandwidth
    2. Professional Plan: Monthly charges of $41.58/m with 15 websites, 20 GB of storage and 200 GB bandwidth
    3. Elite plan: Monthly charges of $83.25/m with 40 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth.
    WPX Hosting Plans
    WPX Hosting Plans [When Paid Yearly]
    Not to forget that numerous features starting from SSL certification to CDN storage are free add-ons to very plan.

    Pros of WPX Hosting

    • Fastest Support ever.
    • Dashboard is Simple.
    • Free CDN, Fast loading websites.
    • Constant Renewal Pricing

    Cons of WPX Hosting

    • Price is High
    • Not for beginners

    Get WPX Hosting Now

    Siteground Web Hosting – Introduction

    Siteground is another one of the market leaders in the website hosting arena. With a client base of more than 2,000,000 domains and centres across the world. Siteground has grown at a tremendous rate.

    Claiming to be faster, lighter and more efficient Siteground has made a name for itself in the blogging and forums community. What separated them is their presence in the industry.

    Started in 2004, they are one of the very first hosting services.

    Siteground- Features

    1. Pioneers

    Siteground is said to be the leader of creating secure account isolation and using Linux containers for smooth and lightweight websites.

    Not only this but they even went as far as to create a proprietary AI software that, as they say, eliminates more than 5 million brute- force attacks each day.

    Siteground thrives on creating a better working environment for its customers through constant innovations.

    1. Authentic and Fast

    The service is highly recommended by, Drupal, Joomla which creates a rather compelling word of mouth.

    Hence, making it more authentic. They are a pinnacle of fast performing hosts. When it comes down to finding your website in the midst of all the other ones in your own category, it is your host’s job to make sure you appear on the top, when every your name is entered on the World Wide Web.
    1. Data centres

    It is important for hosts to have their presence on a global level. It makes it easier for developers and business to have an easier point of contact.

    Plus their website runs faster when there are additional servers across. Siteground has its data centres in more than one continent. To name a few- Chicago, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

    1. Developer-oriented

    Siteground is very developer friendly. Conducting daily backups have a limitless database and email accounts. It uses high standards of Cpanel to manage website servers.

    Siteground Hosting Plans

    Siteground has divided its monetary plans into WordPress hosting, woocommerce hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting and enterprise hosting.

    SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plans
    Cheap Plans, But High Renewal Rates

    Each had a separate plan altogether. The wide array of such options denotes their strategy to pull any and every kind of client. From bloggers to e-commerce websites, they are targeting the complete market.

    Pros of WPX Hosting

    • Good for medium traffic blogs.
    • CPanel integrated.
    • Free Cloudflare CDN with Rail-gun Support.
    • Cloudflare certified partner.

    Cons of WPX Hosting

    • TTFB is High >700ms
    • Has Traffic Limit on all plans
    • High Renewal cost

    WPX Hosting VS Siteground Hosting

    While both WPX and Siteground have unique advantages. One better at security while other thrives on innovation. There is something distinctive about both the hosting websites.

    However, only one can be on top. Personally, I would go with WPX hosting over Siteground. Now, don’t start rattling without knowing the reasons. Here me out.

    Common Features

    There is nothing new about the offers that Siteground provides. All its features match any other hosting website, hence not making it stand out of the crowd.

    On the other hand there is WPX; it delivers an array of offers and most of them for free. With SSL certification, malware protection, DDOS certification and more WPX give you extra features which you will have to pay extra for plus consult a third party for the same.

    Hence, WPX better at providing features plus some “extra features” and we all love something “extra.

    Complicated Plans

    Being in the market for a longer time Siteground has various plans starting from Wordpress to woo commerce. Now, this might sound excellent from the outside, however, spreading its arms in all the directions means the host is not specific to one category which intern means that it might not serve you well during a crisis.

    Whereas, WPX is very concentrated and serves only specific customers. Hence, their customer service is also very strong. Plus the monetary module is very easy to understand unlike Siteground who plans can really make you scratch your head.

    WP CDN storage

    WPX eliminates third-party cloud storage by introducing its own CDN storage. It acts as a micro server globally providing extra speed and power to your website.

    This is an offer limited to WPX and can really optimize your website. One of the best features a hosting company can provide. Moreover, the function is optional and can be activated with the click of a button.


    WPX has an excellent load speed especially due to its CDN storage. During tests at WPX, up to 300% hike in the load time was calculated. Above all, WPX has more than 20 points across the globe as oppose Siteground.


    The overall design of WPX hosting page is fairly simple as compared to Siteground. Not a lot of content and subsections it is crisp and to the point which is appreciated by many developers.

    Not being so technical, it allows someone with less knowledge of the field to understanding the functioning’s easily. The dashboard of WPX is also very clean and user-friendly.

    All the options are divided in order and activating key features like CDN service and emails can be done with comfort. Switching between your sites is also swift with little to no lags or breaks.

    SiteGround VS WPX Hosting – Which one is the best for you?

    I would recommend WPX Hosting to everyone. Staring from amateurs who are starting out to players who have been in the market for quite some time. WPX has an offer for every Business, Professional and Elite customers.

    Get WPX Hosting Now
    Looking at the progress, with time, WPX shows a stagnant growth. However, someone who would like to do things old school and rely on experience more than talent, Siteground is for you.

    Siteground offers rigid trust which sometimes is vital for many organisations while choosing a hosting service.

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