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Steps to Speed Up Your WordPress 2022

    Steps to speedup WordPress site – All the search engines such as Google prefer quick loading websites to be ranked higher in their searches so that the users can have better surfing experience. Therefore, to get increased traffic on your website through these search engines, you need your website to respond lightning fast.

    Moreover, researches have shown that website which takes more than a 2 second time period to load have 47% more bounce back rate of users. Alongside, no one prefers a slow website, especially the online buyers, which are always in haste, therefore, to have a WordPress website that works lightning fast is really important. You would learn wordpress page speed optimization detail by the end of this article.

    Let us resolve one of the most asked questions regarding WordPress out there, “How to speedup wordpress site?”Let us discuss the most important points that can boost up your WordPress and speed up your website.

    Steps to Speed Up Your WordPress

    Steps to SpeedUp Your WordPress WPXHosting

    Choose the fastest hosting [WPX Hosting]

    While starting off with WordPress, people usually do not care much about their host, moreover, go ahead with the cheapest one available. No doubt, a shared host comes with unlimited page views which also brings along a really very slow website page loading time and regular down times.

    This does not only irritate the users, lower down your search engine ranking, but also snatched away your future customers. Therefore, it is really very important to invest in one of the fastest and effective hosts.

    As per thousands of feedbacks and a number of great experiences we suggest you to try out wpx hosting to lure out best of the results.

    WPX Hosting Provides Unlimited Free SSL Certificates for all their customers.


    Most of the big and successful blogs out there have been taking advantage of this feature. If you are setting your feet into online marketing through WordPress, CDN can actually help your users have a better experience and increase your conversion rates exponentially.

    CDN takes stock of all of the static files that are present on your website. This allows the users of your website to download it as quick as possible by providing them with the data nearest to them.

    Here with WPX Hosting You will be getting FREE WPX CLOUD CDN Feature

    Reduce Image sizes/Compress Images using plugins

    Searching a response to the question, “why is wordpress so slow? Maybe you use lots of heavy images! There are a number of image optimizers available online which can help you to reduce the size of your images to a great extent.

    You can choose your favorite plugin to compress the images that you upload on your website that can reduce the overall load on your web pages, hence, a faster loading time.

    However, doing the same for each and every image that you upload could be really painful and time-consuming, therefore, you can also choose from the plugins that automatically compress all your images when you upload them on your WordPress.

    Suggested WordPress Image Compression Plugin – ShortPixel

    Use online SPEED TOOLS to get in-depth info

    To get an in-depth report of the load time of your page, you can choose through the several free speed test tools available online. It does not only provides you with the basic performance of your website but also provides you with the overall time that your website takes to load and respond to the users commands.

    It also provides you with the performance grade of your website and the page size which can highly affect the speed of your website.

    These online tools can help you analyze the reasons behind the slow speed of your website which you can rectify to provide your visitors with a better experience so that they come back again and again.

    Suggested – GTMetrix & WebPageSpeedTest

    Minify JS and CSS files

    The minification of the JavaScript and the CSS files can reduce the size of your website to a great extent. Moreover, it is also recommended by the top search engines to minify your JS and CSS to gain a better ranking in their searches.

    Not only does the lighter website gain more chances to be ranked better on search engines but also provides your users with a smooth and hassle-free website handling experience which can be a major part of your website gaining more and more clicks each day.

    Minify your JS and CSS and experience the smooth working of your website yourself.

    Suggested WordPress Plugins Fast Velocity Minify, WP Super Minify.

    Deactivate or uninstall UNUSED plugins

    WordPress provides you with a chance to install a number of plugins which can positively impact the effectiveness of your website.

    However, installing various unnecessary plugins which you have never ever even used just add up to the junk prevailing on your website which affects its overall speed and performance.

    Clean up your WordPress dashboard today, uninstall all the unnecessary and useless plugins to make your site lighter and increase its performance speed.

    Moreover, keeping the plugins to the minimum, which are actually having a positive impact on the performance of your website and are trustable enough is highly suggestive by all the experts out there.

    Check Out WPX Hosting vs Siteground vs Top WordPress Hosting Providers Comparision.

    Use a lightweight WordPress theme

    Searching for how to increase website speed wordpress? Just use a lighter theme! Using the proper WordPress theme can play a really important role in the speed of your website.

    Some of the themes out there which might catch your attention quickly might just be a lot of heavy data which will highly slow down the speed of your website. The themes which offer you an array of unlimited features is also stuffed with a load of coding which takes up a lot of space and slows down your website.

    Just try to choose the most basic of the themes that fulfill your requirement and nothing else. Try to keep your theme as lightweight as possible and it will automatically reflect on your website by boosting its loading speed to a great extent.

    Suggested Astra WP, GeneratePress, StudioPress Themes.


    If you are also fed up with the constantly decreasing speed of your WordPress website, just try out the above-mentioned steps to speed up wordpress site and you shall experience the change yourself instantly.

    A faster website results in better SEO ranking, which in return increases the user flow on your website, alongside providing all your existing as well as new users with an exceptionally smooth site operating experience.

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    1. Another rather important point on acceleration is optimization and compression of images on the site. You may manually optimize each picture (through Photoshop for example), or automatically (through special services).

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