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Reasons Why WPX Hosting Is The Best WordPress Hosting In Australia

Best WordPress Hosting In Australia – Are you looking for a fast and secure WordPress hosting server for hosting your WordPress website? Well then fret not as your search ends right here.

Presenting to you, WPX Hosting, for the best WordPress hosting in Australia in the truest sense of those words.

Be it the speed, reliability, security or ease of access, WPX Hosting is your go to place for hosting your website.

Reasons Why WPX Hosting – Best WordPress Hosting In Australia

When it comes to hosting your website, the prime driving factor in choosing the host is speed. The more speed your website has, the more traffic it will get.


And when it comes to speed, WPX Hosting is undoubtedly the fastest WordPress hosting for Australia.

Not only the speed, the additional services like daily WordPress website backups, free WordPress website migration service, email services, straightforward management dashboard, FTP/SFTP access and many more features set WPX Hosting ahead from all the competition in Australia.

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Dedicated Data Center [Sydney, Australia]

WPX Hosting testing its own dedicated origin servers in Sydney, Australia. This means that all Australian WordPress websites can be hosted from Australia itself.

WPX Hosting Dedicated Data Center [Sydney, Australia]

WPX high speed dedicated data servers help us to pulverize all the competition and give high speed and secure server connections.

High-Speed CDN End Point In Sydney, Best WordPress Hosting In Australia

All the data from any part of the world is loaded directly from the high speed CDN end point in Sydney, Australia for all the Australian users. This means lightning fast speeds which none of our competitors can even get close to.

Introducing The WPX Cloud & Why Your Website Needs It
Best WordPress Hosting In Australia with CDN

Current WPX CDN End Points:

[website content loads from the closest point in our CDN to each individual visitor] 

  1. New Jersey, USA
  2. Chicago, USA
  3. Dallas, USA
  4. Seattle, USA
  5. Los Angeles, USA
  6. Atlanta, USA
  7. Kansas City, USA
  8. Silicon Valley, USA
  9. Miami, USA
  10. Toronto, Canada
  11. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  12. London, UK
  13. Manchester, UK
  14. Frankfurt, Germany
  15. Moscow, Russia
  16. Sydney, Australia
  17. Auckland, New Zealand
  18. Paris, France
  19. Tokyo, Japan
  20. Singapore
  21. Hong Kong, China
  22. Pune, India
  23. Johannesburg, South Africa
  24. Sofia, Bulgaria
  25. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Unlimited FREE SSL Certificates installed within few clicks

At WPX Hosting, you get access to unlimited free SSL certificates that can be installed through some very easy to follow on-screen procedures.

Now, no need to pay extra for additional SSL certificates. You can get any number of SSL Certificates at absolutely zero extra charges.

37 second Fastest support ever

Our 24/7 support systems are the fastest in the entire WP hosting market. Clocked at a smoking speed of just 37 seconds, WPX Hosting has the fastest support ever. Now that’s what we call customer supportive operations.

High End Security Protection & Free Malware Removal

We give high end security protection for your WordPress website protecting it from any type of hacking or brute force attack.

Our robust security systems identity and neutralize any kind of threat to your website and make your WordPress website completely secure in the truest sense.

Added to this, we also assure you of free malware removal in case your website gets infected.

Unlimited FREE Site Migrations/Transfers

Site migration charges cost you a lot? At WPX Hosting, there’s absolutely no need to worry as we give you unlimited site migrations that are absolutely free. Now you can migrate your WordPress websites as many times as you want.

ZERO Upsells or No Hidden additional Cost for extra services/features

At WPX Hosting, we follow high business ethics and we strongly believe that you must pay only for what you get. That is why we have no additional costs or extra service charges whatsoever. Our strict zero up-sell policy makes you the ultimate boss.

With no hidden charges, you get the ultimate power to purchase and pay what you like.

Rated As The Most Trusted Web Host G2 Crowd & Trustpilot!

Don’t trust us when we say that we are the best? Trust the words of global leaders in assessing hosting platforms. Both G2 Crowd and Trustpilot have given WPX Hosting the numero Uno position and recognized WPX Hosting as the most trusted web host. Being branded as #1 by the leading assessors, that’s not something everyone can brag about.

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Best WordPress Hosting In Australia

With WPX Hosting, your search for the Best Managed Hosting for Australia comes to an end. We provide the best wordpress hosting australia has to offer.

With the hosting services of WPX Hosting, you can forget about the website hosting issues and focus all your attention towards the more important aspects of your website.

By choosing WPX Hosting you can give your WordPress website the support that it always needed.

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